I am your guide on the journey to a successful business you love! My biggest pleasure comes from helping you serve others and by teaching you how to do so in a seriously fun creative way. When you eliminate overwhelm and frustration, so that you can help more people; it is a win, win, win!

My adventure began in 2008 when I was part of a corporate layoff. I was shocked! The company had been the focus of my life for 7 years. The layoff led me to build a permanent makeup business at a time when very few people knew of our industry. The economic crisis of 2008 added stress.

Less money, less clients.

I tried everything I could to attract customers. You name it: traditional advertising, appealing to friends & family, google ad words, an expensive website, social media, SEO and more. I learned a lot along the way, both the right and wrong ways to do things. There was a lot of trial and error, and precious time wasted. Mostly I felt overworked and overwhelmed. Can you relate?

But I wouldn’t give-up.

It was clear that if I couldn’t attract customers I would soon be out of business. If this wasn’t enough I had the personal struggle of infertility and a miscarriage. The blessing came, in 2011 with the birth of twin girls. Then followed added pressure to juggle it all. This inspired me to develop a system to automate the business which gave me the flexibility to manage my business and personal priorities.

My 15+ years of previous marketing and advertising experience gave me a unique perspective when I started my own business Enhancing Beauty. Enhancing Beauty is a permanent cosmetic business that grew into a six-figure business and a following of 10,000 fans on Facebook. I’ve become a well-respected practitioner, educator, speaker and author in the beauty industry.

Now I guide permanent makeup and microblading artists on how to build a successful brand, get dream clients, and thrive.


You should know that I've had some really beautiful life experiences AND I've been in some pretty tough places. I have felt a lot of the same emotions you may be feeling:  self-doubt, disappointment and  frustration as well as  passion, joy and elation.

This is the roller coaster experience that comes with being a female entrepreneur.

We all experience stuff, real stuff!

My trials led to my biggest discovery that my true desire is to guide and teach using all of my business experience (the good and the bad).  Helping women achieve their dream business is my calling. 

If you are curious to know more, these are three personal facts that I want to share with you.

  1. I was born in Ohio, grew up in Texas, lived in New York (NYC) for 17 years, and recently moved to California. because I realized that I love the warmth of sunshine way more than the snow. North, South, East, West and Midwest—I can relate & I got you all (y’all) covered.
  2. I love to laugh, but I can cry in under two seconds from just a sad commercial. Please don’t judge me, I’m just in touch with my emotional side.
  3. I love to travel and explore new countries and cultures. I’ve been to twenty-six countries and all over the United States. I’ve had some crazy experiences: my first trip was to Japan (since then I could eat sushi almost everyday).backpacking all over Europe and Australia with my sister (the juicy tell-all book will be released one day), having my passport stolen while helping build communities on a mission trip in Peru (sad & scary), being mistaken as a local Swede many times in Sweden (maybe it's the blond hair and pale skin), snow skiing in UAE-Dubai (Yes it is the desert), taking my mom to Russia & China (St. Basil’s Cathedral and Great Wall wow & wow), an exclusive dinner cooked by the Kings' chef in Thailand (and a 2hr massage for $15), became engaged in Africa during a hot air balloon ride (of course I said yes!)
  4. Bonus—I love to hula-hoop!  I recently showed my skills at Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals 25th Annual convention at the luau reception.
  5. I like to over deliver (see bonus fun fact # 4) and end on odd numbers hence the #5 (my favorite number).
“If you want some more bonuses check out these goodies”

April began her marketing career in 1995 as Director of Marketing for an acting conservatory. In 1999 she continued to do marketing for The Cooper Spa at the Dr. Cooper Institute. Her beauty industry career, as an esthetician started in 2001. Since 2005 April has been a permanent makeup artist and a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP).

 She was elected by her peers to serve as the Ethics Chairman on the Board of Directors for SPCP from 2011-2015.  She continues to be involved in the permanent cosmetics industry as a speaker for SPCP Conferences and Conventions, including a 2016 lecture "Mastering Social Media Marketing" at the SPCP 25th anniversary.  She has served as a SPCP convention coordinator and as the 2017 Convention emcee.

April is a published author having written many permanent cosmetic articles.  Her skincare expertise led to a special appearance on the Dr. Oz Show on TV in 2010.  She was also a skincare expert on QVC representing MD skincare by Dr. Dennis Gross. 

She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (minor in Business Marketing) from University of Texas at Dallas. In addition to her passion for coaching beauty professionals, April loves spending time with her husband and their seven-year-old twin daughters. Hearing her children giggle is her favorite sound.  She also loves connecting with others, seeing people smile, and bringing out the unique inner sparkle in everyone.

"You found me for a reason and I can't wait to help guide you on your journey."

Angela Gibbs

Owner of Black Beauty Bar

“I started my business in 2016. Within the second year, I was building momentum. It helped to have April for support during this period, while I built my clientele, to troubleshoot issues. I was willing to make the additional investment in exchange for the right trainer & education. April is very passionate about the permanent makeup industry and providing the best training possible. If you're serious about growing a sustainable career in permanent makeup, then April is the right educator for you! She has over 12 years of professional experience and it really shows in her training, technique, and overall experience. She is patient, kind, and guides you through the process so that you can feel confident. However, I have one BIG tip for you! You will need to be willing to do the work!!! I wouldn't recommend April to anyone who does not want to take this training seriously. She really wants you to succeed, so you will need to be ready to learn. =) ”


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